Global Leader Lecture Series

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Global Leader Lecture Series

The 'Global Leader Lectures' is a credit-bearing, compulsory GEfIL course for studnets participating in the Independent research Project PHASE2.
past Global Leader lecture Series(Apr-May 2017 for GEfIL dai 1 kisei
past Global Leader lecture Series(Apr-May 2018 for GEfIL dai 2 kisei

2018 GEfIL Global Leader Lecture and Workshop  2019.3.29(Fri)~2019.3.31(Sun)

Global Leader Lecture and Workshop for GEfIL dai3kisei was conducted as an intensive lecture over the weekend at UTokyo Yamanaka Lodge.

Through this intensive camp, it aims at leveraging the knowledge, skills, and insights gained in the Independent Research Project courses and studies abroad, in order for students to develop a clear sense of their own leadership by creativity.

A majority of students who participated in the lecture gave quite positive feedback about studying with colleagues, who are from different faculties and/or from different thematic fields.

GLP-GEfIL program will continue to offer an attractive workshop with a specific theme, with representative students from each thematic field involved.


The intensive workshop was through a 3-part structure of Keynote Lecture, Training Sessions, and students’ Teamwork.

(Ⅰ)Keynote Lecture : by Dr. Mariko Bando, Chancellor, Showa Women’s University


(Ⅱ-1)Training Session

Design Thinking (SAP, by Kazuki MINAMI and Hiromi HARA)


(Ⅱ-2) Training Session
Backcasting Method (Prof. Ryuzo FURUKAWA, Tokyo City University, Ms.Nakamura from Kofu city)


(Ⅲ)Teamwork and presentation : topics ‘Gender’