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About GEfIL ALUMNI GROUP Activity Report

GEfIL ALUMNI GROUP Activity Report

【GEfIL Alumni Group Annual General Meeting was held on 28th of October!】


The annual GEfIL Alumni Council General Meeting was held in the afternoon of Saturday, October 28, 2023, at the Hongo campus, attended by about 20 persons in total, not only GEfIL Alumni members but also current 7th and 8th enrolled students, GLP mentors, and two guests from Sumitomo Corporation, the UTokyo GLP Leading Partner.


After the financial report and activity report, a workshop was held same as last year under the theme of “career path”. After the keynote presentation by Sumitomo Corporation, the current GEfIL students were divided into some groups, and each group had a discussion with a faculty, alumni, and a guest from Sumitomo Corporation as mentors. This was a valuable opportunity for current GEfIL students to hear advice and experiences from their seniors, whom they feel close to, about their career paths after completing GEfIL and graduation in future.

After the program was over, a reception was held outside of the campus. Although it was a short time, it was a great opportunity to exchange frank opinions with each other.


GEfIL Alumni Group hopes to use opportunities such as the Alumni Council General Meeting to build not only horizontal ties among current enrolled students, but also vertical ties with Alumni members and sponsoring companies as well.


* The undergraduate affiliation infomration in each article is as of the time of participating in the GLP-GEfIL program.

2022 Sep Akane Yamazaki
2022 Sep Risa Toda
2022 Sep Yusuke Kawano
2022 May Koshi Eguchi
2022 May Rika Sugata
2022 May Yuka Sugiura
2022 May Yuri Hayashi
2021 Sep Mana Kamakura
2021 Sep Song Ling YIP
2021 Sep Gankhuyag Tengisbold
2021 Sep Minori Sato
2021 Sep Shoko Kawase
2021 May Pitchapon Jirawongsapan
2021 May Youru He
2020 Sep Yuki Henmi、Naho Henmi
2020 May Kenshin Abe
2020 May Shota Hayashi
2020 May Tomohiro Nakano
2020 May Anna Matsuo
2019 May Saya Kashiwakura
2019 May Yuichi Kurosaki

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