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About GEfIL ALUMNI GROUP Activity Report

GEfIL ALUMNI GROUP Activity Report

【GEfIL Alumni Group Annual General Meeting was held】

 GEfIL Alumni Group held Annual General Meeting (AGM) on October 1st, 2022, on Komaba campus. 
 After the reporting of our activity and finance, which has been performed every year, we also conducted a workshop with Sumitomo Corporation, GLP Leading Partner, for the first time as AGM. 
 Through the active discussion with GEfIL students, faculty, staff, alumni, and workers of Sumitomo Corporation, we could reconsider our past, present, and future and think of our lifestyle and work style in the future.


* The undergraduate affiliation infomration in each article is as of the time of participating in the GLP-GEfIL program.

2021 Sep Song Ling YIP
2021 Sep Gankhuyag Tengisbold
2021 Sep Minori Sato
2021 Sep Shoko Kawase
2021 May Pitchapon Jirawongsapan
2021 May Youru He
2020 Sep Yuki Henmi、Naho Henmi
2020 May Kenshin Abe
2020 May Shota Hayashi
2020 May Tomohiro Nakano
2020 May Anna Matsuo
2019 May Saya Kashiwakura
2019 May Yuichi Kurosaki

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