Here are Frequestly Asked Questions.

Please refer to below Q&A. Please read them carefully before you contact to GLP Office.

  • How many students will be admitted・・・I am a foreign student・・・Does GLP-GEfIL accept other Engilish proficiency tests・・・I have not yet completed 6 credits・・・What are the criteria・・・etc

  • I am planning to study abroad・・・I am worried that classes, exams and other events・・・I participated in circle activities・・・Are GLP-GEfIL credits included in・・・etc

  • Is it mandatory to participated in・・・I am worried that I may not be able to join・・・How are the abroad program selected・・・How much is the scholarship・・・etc

  • Are the theme of the GEfIL Independent Research Project・・・Can we expect further support・・・Are the classes like a seminar・・・How often will classes・・・etc

  • What is the difference between GLP-GEfIL graduates・・・Relationship between GLP-GEfIL and TLP・・・What are GEfIL IRP Complementary Courses・・・etc