GLP-GEfIL Overall

GLP-GEfIL students will receive a certificate of completion issued by the University of Tokyo, when they graduate. GLP-GEfIL is designed to provide you with a wide range of competences and skills required of global leaders. Global Leaders need to be able to work effectively in an international and interdisciplinary environment with people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. To this end, they have to be capable of connecting people with diverse value systems, to set the agenda for solving a problem, and to offer an inclusive vision that possibly goes beyond their own area of expertise. As a GLP-GEfIL student, you will have the opportunity to work together with students from other faculties and areas of expertise as well as with international students from universities around the world and thereby, experience academic and intellectual exchanges that will exceed your immediate discipline. In other words, participation in the GLP-GEfIL program will increase your competences and knowledge. Moreover, GLP-GEfIL enables you to build your own network of academic and professional contacts that will be valuable for your future career. 

GLP-GEFIL and TLP at senior level are separate programs, though you may join both of them, if you wish. However, each program comes with its own workload and demands on your time, so please consider it carefully before applying for both GLP-GEfIL and TLP. 

Each student will select classes worth 2 credits (or more) from year 3 or 4, which are conducted in English and relevant for your topic of the GEfIL Independent Research Project. The professors of the GEfIL Independent Research Project and the GLP Office will be happy to advise you on the best choice of course. 

Yes, they do. All students will jointly participate in PHASE1 and PHASE2 of the GEfIL Independent Research Project and the final presentation sessions. All GLP-GEfIL students are requested to join in Reporting session of GEfIL Abroad Program and in the Global Leader Lecture Series. All GLP-GEfIL students are also invited to the GEfIL Entrance Ceremony and orientation in December.