Global Leader Lecture Series

About Global Leader Lecture Series

Global Leader Lecture Series

This is a 4th-year compulsory course of the GEfIL (GLP II) program and consists of 13 interactive sessions. It is closely related to the ‘Independent Research Project’ in that both courses have in common the same six thematic areas (Sustainability, Global Health, Peace Building, Diversity, Global Economy & Management, and Global Governance). For each of the thematic fields, we will invite well-known, globally engaged guest speakers – representatives of international organizations, global corporations as well as leading scholars – who will present their ideas and work. The aim of the course is to provide students with close insights into how ‘global leaders’ seek to solve problems of a complex, international nature and thereby, to gain a deep understanding of a wide range of problem solving strategies and processes.
Students will have a say in the selection of some guest speakers and will be actively involved in the running of each session: for each lecture a team of students will be asked to act as organizers, conveners, and discussants to the guest speaker’s presentation and as coordinators of the interactive e-learning platform for that session, through which the other students can raise issues for further debate. In other words, the course is designed to allow students a maximum of active participation and to facilitate the engagement between guest speaker and students beyond the ‘one-off’ lecture.

2018 Global Leader Lecture Series Schedule

past Global Leader lecture Series(Apr-May 2017 for GEfIL dai 1 kisei

Each lecture is from 19:00 to 21:00.
Venue: Hongo Campus Yayoi Auditorium, Ichijyo Hall (No.1, No2. No.3, No.4) Map
           Hongo campus Room23, Faculty of Engineering (No.5, No.6, No.7)  Map

These lectures are worth for 2 credits to GEfIL IRP PHASE2 students. GEfIL IRP PHASE1 students are welcome to audit.

No.1 - 12th April (Thu)
Theme: Global Education
Mark BRAY, Director & Prof Ora KWO
Research Centre for Comparative Education, University of Hong Kong

No.2 - 17th April (Tue)
Theme: Global Health, Sustainability
President of Asia and Latin America Regions, Eisai Co., Ltd.

No.3 - 19th April (Thu)
Theme: Sustainability
Sander Van Der Leeuw
Director, ASU-SFI Center for Biosocial Complex Systems, Arizona State Universiy

No.4 - 26th April (Thu)
Theme: Peace Building
Vice Chair of Keizai Doyukai

No.5- 15th May (Tue)
Theme: Global Economy&Management
Eriko ASAI
CEO of General Electrics Co., Ltd. Japan

No.6 - 22nd May (Tue)
Theme: Peace Building
UNHCR Japan Representative

No.7 - 24th May (Tue)
Theme : Global Health
Associate Fellow, Said Business School, University of Oxford