Recruitment Kick-Off Event

About Recruitment Kick-Off Event in 2015
GLP-GEfIL Recruitment Kick-Off Event was taken place on 22nd June、2015, Monday, at 21KOMCEE Lecture Hall, KOMABA Campus.  Please find as below presentation videos and materials for your reference, which we hope help you to understand about GLP-GEfIL curriculum.

Opening Remarks  by Prof. Shunya Yoshimi

GLP-GEfIL Overviews  by Prof. Nicola LISCUTIN

Global Leader Lecture Series 

GEfIL Independent Research Project ~PEACE BUILDING~ by Prof. Kiichi FUJIWARA


GEfIL Independent Research Project ~GLOBAL HEALTH~by Prof. Chiho WATANABE

GEfIL Independent Research Project~SUSTAINABILITY~by Prof. Kensuke FUKUSHI

GEfIL Abroad Program  by Prof. Nicola LISCUTIN