About GLP-GEfIL(Global Education for Innovation and Leadership)
Around 100 qualified students will be selected to participate in the special university-wide, transdisciplinary GEfIL program taught entirely in English.
The GLP-GEfIL curriculum offers students opportunities to participate in summer schools and other short-term study abroad programs, and to meet and collaborate with top-class international researchers, students, entrepreneurs and experts of international institutions. GEfIL pursues a transdisciplinary, innovative approach to global problems and is designed to equip students with the vision and competences required to play meaningful, leading roles in global society.

About GLP-GEfIL Curriculum(2020/7/2 Recorded in GLP-GEfIL 6th Recruitment Information Session)

GEfIL Independent Research Project

The GEfIL Independent Research Project forms the centerpiece of this program and focuses on critical contemporary issues in 6 large, interdisciplinary, thematic fields (e.g. sustainability, diversity, conflict prevention & peace building, global health, global governance [risk; human rights], global economy & management, global education).
Students define and plan their own research projects within these fields. They are supervised by GLP and subject-specific mentors as well as by postgraduate teaching fellows. Interdisciplinary brainstorming sessions, special workshops and seminars with renowned guest speakers provide students with the opportunity to foster innovative thinking and test the practicability of their ideas. At the end of the year, students will give a (public) presentation of their projects and research outcomes.
PHASE1 is supervised by GLP Mentors


Project Prof Nanyan GUO


Graduate School of Engineering

Associate Prof Shunsaku KOMATSUZAKI


Graduate School of Frontier Sciences

Associate Prof Runsen ZHANG


Institute of Industrial Science

Associate Prof Pavel HEJCIK

Independent Research Project Phase1 (FY2021-FY2022)
Independent Research Project Phase1 (FY2018-FY2021)
Independent Research Project Phase1 (FY2016-FY2018)
PHASE2 is supervised by the following Expert Mentors and associated professors.

Global Health

Graduate School of Medicine

Prof Masamine JIMBA


Global Education

Graduate School of Education

Prof Masaaki KATSUNO


Peace Buiding

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences




Integrated Research System for Sustainability Science

Prof Kensuke FUKUSHI



Integrated Research System for Sustainability Science

Associate Prof Alexandros GASPARATOS


Global City

Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies

Prof Shunya YOSHIMI

Independent Research Project Phase2 (FY2021-FY2022)
Independent Research Project Phase2 (FY2017-FY2021)
Independent Research Project Phase2 (FY2016-FY2017)

GEfIL Abroad Programs

Generous GEfIL Scholarships fund (partially) short-term study abroad in carefully selected, existing summer programs of top universities around the world; joint summer programs with international top universities and other organizations; short-term internships and volunteer work abroad.

Global Leader Lecture Series

Global Leader Lecture Series by internationally active business leaders, entrepreneurs, experts and representatives of international organizations. Students will participate in choosing speakers.

GEfIL Expert Mentor Lecture Series

It consists of 7-8 interactive lectures and discussion sessions given by the GEfIL Expert mentors and Associated Professors.

GLP GEfIL Logo Explanation

Our colorful logo represents both our vision for the GLP GEfIL program and our aspiration that a great many students from various academic backgrounds, with critical minds and diverse capabilities will flock to our program. The image of the paper plane over the letter ‘f’ also stands for ‘flying’ and ‘future’: It refers to the potential of each and every student to soar high and make their way in(to) the world … and to do so not on prescribed routes but by determining their own, however tentative, paths. In this vision, the GLP GEfIL program may be regarded as the ‘runway’ facilitating each students’ take-off into a bright future.