GEfIL IRP Complementary Courses(Dai1ki~Dai5ki)

About GEfIL IRP Complementary Courses

GEfIL IRP Complementary Courses

2 or more credit worth courses taught in English that are thematically related to the GEfIL curriculum in general, and particularly to the Independent Research Project are offered across the disciplines to hone students’ academic skills.

GEfIL IRP Complementary Courses have to fulfil the following criteria:
a) They must be related to either your PHASE2 research or your PHASE1 project
b) They need to be taught in English (with certain exceptions, please refer to LPS for details)
c) They cannot be courses that are compulsory for your major
d) You cannot take English language courses

Register Course and Earn Credit
1) Once you have selected a course from the UTAS course catalogue, send the details (title, name of lecture, credits, etc.) to your Expert Mentor (PHASE2 Students) or to Prof. Liscutin (PHASE1 Students) for approval.
2) When your choice has been approved, please register for the course to UTAS as you would register for any other courses
3) You need to send the details (Academic Year, Semester, Class Name, Faculty Name, Class Code, Prof. Name) of the approved and registered course to GLP Office.
4) GLP Office will register it to your LPS
5) You need to submit GLP Office a copy of transcript (with your name described) from UTAS when course result is published, please color mark on the relevant lecture  (with certain exceptions, please refer to LPS for details)

***Condition of recognition of USTEP Courses***
It may be possible to have a course or courses you took during your USTEP studies abroad recognized for the 2 credits of required IRP Complementary Courses under following conditions.
1. Your UTokyo faculty must have recognized (and/or transferred) the credits you earned during your USTEP studies.
2. Your USTEP studies must have taken place after you entered GEfIL.
3. Your USTEP studies are not recognized as GEfIL Abroad Program.

In order to verify No.1, please submit a copy of a certificate application document (which you submitted to your faculty) and a transcript showing the credits, to GLP office.

When the couse or courses are approved by your Expert Mentor or a GLP Mentor and met abovementioned criteria, your USTEP course(s) can be recognized as IRP Complementary Course and will be registered to your LPS.

Please note that once you make USTEP substituted for you GEfIL IRP Complementary Courses, you are not allowed to count USTEP as a substitute for GEfIL Abroad Program.

*If you have any questions, please contact GLP Office.