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About GEfIL Expert Mentor Lecture Series

GEfIL Expert Mentor Lecture Series

The “GEfIL Export Mentor Lecture Series” is a compulsory course for students participating in the Independent Research Project PHASE1. (These courses replace  GEfIL IRP Complementary Coursesl.

It consists of 7-8 interactive lectures and discussion sessions given by the GEfIL Expert Mentors and Co-Mentors. The thematic fields of the Independent Research Project and the GEfIL Program as a whole are closely related to, and informed by, the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the post-2015 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Thus, the “GEfIL Export Mentor Lecture Series” is designed as an introduction to the cutting-edge research conducted by the Expert Mentors on specific SDGs and their implementation. The course provides students with close insights into how GEfIL thought-leaders tackle problems of a complex, global nature such as the SDGs. Crucially, students will gain a clear understanding of how research can and does impact practice in, for instance, international agenda setting, development of public policy or corporate strategies, or technological innovations. A further important aim of the course is to facilitate a sustained academic dialogue between GEfIL Expert Mentors and students from the very beginning of studentsʼ GEfIL studies. This will enable students to make well-informed choices when selecting their PHASE2 thematic field and strengthen studentsʼ research work in both their PHASE1 and PHASE2 classes.




Lecture Schedule for 2022-2023 (9:30~12:00 on each Saturday)

1st     3rd December, 2022       Prof. Shunya YOSHIMI
2nd    10th December, 2022     Prof. Masamine JIMBA
3rd     17th December, 2022     Prof. Ai KIHARA-HUNT
4th     18th March, 2023         Prof. Masaaki KATSUNO
5th     1st April, 2023               Associate Prof.Alexandros GASPARATOS
6th     15th April, 2023             Prof.Kensuke FUKUSHI