Information about UT GEfIL Fund, personal donation to GLP-GEfIL Program

Fund to support GLP-GEfIL Abroad Program

In Year 3 & 4, GLP-GEfIL students have the choice to participate in carefully selected abroad programs of top universities around the world. Each program is equivalent of 2 credits. GLP-GEfIL students will receive scholarship towards the cost of their short-term studies abroad, which was supported by GLP-GEfIL sponsoring companies. It is not too much to say that GLP-GEfIL programs themselves are currently made possible by the generous support provided by sponsoring companies.

Now we are happy to announce that ‘UT GEfIL Fund’ has recently been set up. This is the donation system which anyone can join and donate in order to support the scholarship for GEfIL Abroad Program. An attention by GLP-GEfIL ALUMNI members, UTokyo ALUMNI members and any general public is more than welcome.

Please join us to support current and future GLP-GEfIL students, who will have great power to create future Japan and the world.

★★Multiple payment methods are available from September 2019!! ★★
In addition to conventional credit card donations, payment at convenience store, bank transfers, and internet banking systems are available now!  Please visit the banner below, click on 'donate to this project' and confirm the payment method as you like form application entry screen. In case of credit card payment, the minimum amount is Yen 1,000, however, there is no minimum amount for payment at convenience store and/or internet banking.

Your generous support is appreciated!!