GEfIL Learning Studio Reservation

About GEfIL Learning Studio Reservation
To all GEfIL Students & ALUMNI
GEfIL Learning Studio is now available for your GEfIL Study!

When you need a space/a room for preparing Group Discussion, Presentation and/or your own report for GEfIL studies, you can now reserve GEfIL Learning Studio.

The Studio is open under the reservation of first come first serve basis,
・The Studio is open from 9:00 to 21:00.
・The reservation is possible from two months prior to the schedule.
・The Studio is closed on official UTokyo holidays (Please refer to below notice).
・Only GEfIL Students and ALUMNI are allowed to use the studio.  This rule is applied to your companions, too.

After the reservation, please visit GLP office to pick up a key on the previous day of your reservation.  Also, please restore the studio as it was after your usage. Failure to restoration may cause to prohibit further use of the studio.

GEfIL Learning Studio Reservation here.

★★★Precautions to use GEfIL Learning Studio in order to avoid COVID-19 spread★★★

For the time being, the maximum number of participants that can be booked at the same time is ten(10).

1.Open windows and door for ventilation once every hour.
2.Sit down with an interval that your open-arms cannot be reached each other.
3.Always wear a mask.
4.Disinfect your hands every time you enter and exit GEfIL Learning Studio.
5.Check your temperature (less than 37.5C) before and after use of GEfIL Learning Studio.

If you have temperature over 37.5C after use of GEfIL Learning Studio, please do not fail to advise GLP Office.