Course Curriculum

If you study abroad for one year and repeat the school year, you can come back to the GLP-GEfIL course after you finish your study abroad. However, if your study abroad program is only one semester or less in length and you do not repeat the school year, it is not possible to combine it with the GLP-GEfIL program, as your study abroad program will then overlap with the GLP-GEfIL courses and you will not be able to participate in the compulsory classes of the Independent Research Project.
*Exceptional cases may be available for PEAK students and for those who delay graduation. Please consult with GLP office for more details.

No. You can not continue to participate in GLP-GEfIL program unless you advance to Senior Division as scheduled.

 The schedule for the GLP-GEfIL curriculum is designed so that students from all faculties can join. So students from science can also join. That having been said, the GLP-GEfIL courses take place alongside the study of your major, thus a strong motivation to participate in the GLP-GEfIL program will be necessary. 

In order to avoid any such overlap and allow students from all faculties to participate, the GLP-GEfIL classes take place mostly on Saturdays or weekday evenings. If mandatory faculty classes or events do overlap with GLP-GEfIL classes, you should prioritize your major’s schedule. Please also note that participation in GLP-GEfIL does not afford you special treatment from your faculty with regards to your major’s classes and exams.

The GLP-GEfIL Independent Research Project will be conducted once or twice a month on Saturdays, when you will need to adjust your schedule of extracurricular activities. This is particularly the case for the classes of PHASE1. In PHASE2, there might be more flexibility in the scheduling of classes depending on the individual professor. 

There will be some classes from December to February for PHASE1 of the GEfIL Independent Research Project. These classes might overlap with the holidays of the academic calendar of your faculty. The summer holidays, however, are dedicated to participate in GEfIL abroad programs abroad, so there will be no GLP-GEfIL classes then. 

GEfIL Independent Research Project classes will take place once or twice a month during the semester over a period of a year and a half. The Global Leader Lecture Series will run 13 times including orientation session in the S1 term of year 4. The classes of both courses will take place on either Saturdays or weekday evenings, in order to enable students from all Faculties to join. 

PHASE1 of the GEfIL Independent Research Project will mostly take place in Komaba. PHASE2 sessions will take place either in Hongo or Komaba, depending on the convenience of students and professors. The Global Leader Lecture Series will be run on the Hongo campus.

In general, GLP-GEfIL follows the overall Academic Affairs calendar, but the program is structured fairly flexible and, as mentioned above (Q19), there will be no GLP-GEfIL classes during the summer holidays and in March. 

The GLP-GEfIL curriculum is held in English and all abroad programs currently available are conducted in English. Having said that, knowledge of more than one foreign language is nowadays considered essential for a career on the global stage. Thus, the score for the second foreign language will also be taken into account during the selection process for the GLP-GEfIL program. 

No, it is not. Only GEfIL students can participate in the Global Leader Lecture Series.