Abroad Program

The GLP-GEfIL curriculum requires participation in two abroad programs for successful completion. However, programs will be available not only in summer but also other seasons, so that you can select the program that best fits your own schedule. Among the GLP-GEfIL offers, you can find overseas programs and/or internships in winter and spring, as well as domestic programs that run for a relatively short time in the summer holidays. You should consult with your faculty or departmental office, before you apply for a particular GEfIL abroad program. In particular, you must have the approval of your department/faculty and professors, before you apply for a study abroad program that takes place during term time.

This will depend on the decision of your faculty. Please confirm your faculty’s conditions in detail, before you decide on an abroad program. GLP-GEfIL offers a large variety of abroad programs lasting from 2 weeks to 2 months during the summer months (June to August). It is therefore entirely possible – and wise – to choose an abroad program of your interest that does not clash with the examinations of your faculty. 
List of 2016 GEfIL Abroad Program

Please see above answer to Q24. The GLP-GEfIL curriculum requires participation in two abroad programs for successful completion. If you foresee, however, that the summer period in year 4 will be too busy to attend, you could choose a winter or spring program as an alternative. 

 Yes, each GEfIL Abroad Program has been thoroughly checked and carefully selected: we offer you only first-rate, accredited, abroad programs of world-class universities and research institutions that provide you with the opportunity to meet and work with scholars, global entrepreneurs, elite students and young professionals from around the world. Furthermore, the abroad programs have been chosen depending on the quality of their teaching, their interdisciplinary and/or practical skills contents, their relevance for the subject fields of the GEfIL Independent Research Project, their relatively high-level English proficiency requirement and, of course, their attractive locations. 

 Not necessarily. You can select an abroad program, which furthers your research project, your major studies, your career plans, or simply your interests. We will help you to select the program best suited for your aims and needs. Please keep in mind, however, that the number of GLP-GEfIL students sent to any of the GEfIL abroad programs is restricted. Therefore, priority may be given to those students whose chosen abroad program is related to their GEfIL Independent Research Project. 

The GEfIL Abroad Program list offers a wide range of programs, also in Asia. In general, GEfIL Abroad Programs consist of two categories: programs that have been selected by the GLP Office, and programs you find and select but that need to be approved by the GLP Office. If you have found a program that interests you but is not on the GLP-GEfIL list, please do not hesitate to contact the professors of the GLP office and/or the GEfIL Independent Research Projects. 

Yes, all GEfIL abroad programs are conducted in English. 

Currently, the listed GEfIL Abroad Programs all run in English, but some of the programs also offer language classes in the local language, for example, German or French. If you are interested in any non-English programs, please consult with the professors of the GLP Office and/or the GEfIL Independent Research Project. Your program of choice might be approved as GEfIL abroad program.

An overview of the Abroad Programs 2017 will be given at the GEfIL Entrance Ceremony and orientation in December,2016. Detailed information about the courses of each abroad program will usually be available in early January, when further information sessions will be held. 

No, the income of your parents does not affect the scholarship amount. 

The amount given as scholarship depends on the tuition fee and the length of a program. The maximum scholarship given is currently one million JPY. Please refer to the below list of scholarships for GEfIL Abroad Program 2019.
List of 2019 GEfIL Abroad Program

No, you may not. In the GEfIL Abroad Program, students are expected to have an experience in different countries, and so are not allowed to select a program in the same country as their first Abroad Program. This concept applies to the destination of USTEP(University-wide Student Exchange Program 全学交換留学制度), as well.

No, you may not. GEfIL Abroad program is designed with the purpose of students expanding their horizon. Therefore, Kikoku-shijyo and/or international students are expected to participate in a program in a country different from where they used to live.

No, you may not. You can only go to the second GEfIL Abroad Program after the Autumn Semester of Phase 2.

2 credit worth of GEfIL Abroad Program is necessary in order to complete GLP-GEfIL program. If you want to make 2 credits as your graduation credit of UTokyo, you need to get credit from your host university and complete the necessary procedure at your faculty.