Message from top management of UTokyo

Fostering young leaders at the University of Tokyo

Prof. Teruo FUJII, President, The University of Tokyo

The recent global COVID-19 pandemic triggered major changes in social and economic conditions and their premises, where the importance of the role of universities is increasing. I hope everyone studying at the University of Tokyo will grow into a leader who plays a creative role in addressing the major issues confronting all humanity in various fields at home or abroad. Leaders tackling global challenges need to have not just a high level of expertise and excellent leadership skills, but also a deep understanding of diversity and inclusion in order to realize a world where no one is left behind while cooperating closely with people holding different values. Outstanding leadership, furthermore, requires us to cultivate the practical ability to apply what we have learned to solving actual social issues, and the commitment to life-long learning to become responsive to rapidly changing skill requirements. To foster these competences in students, the University of Tokyo operates this Global Leadership Program (GLP) with the strong support from and collaboration with various industries. I hope that many of our students will join this challenging program, aspiring to shoulder roles of important responsibility on a global stage.
Professor Teruo FUJII, President, The University of Tokyo

For all students who think you've studied enough

Prof. Kaori HAYASHI, Executive Vice President, The University of Tokyo

Let me introduce you to the University of Tokyo's GLP-GEfIL, a program to develop leaders in the international community.
What does the program look like?
I believe that leaders are not people who know the answers, but people who discover new questions.
In this program, you are expected to discover new issues and formulate questions on your own. In addition, the language of study is English. Using English, you will encounter new people and different views, and will be encouraged to think about innovation by challenging the norms in your daily lives. You are also asked to study abroad, albeit short-term, in order to question the "status quo at UTokyo".
Moreover, since the program is designed for a small number of students, you are most likely to meet lifelong friends and build valuable professional networks.
In other words, I believe that the GLP-GEfIL is a program that turns knowledge into energy. Those of you at the University of Tokyo who want to bring innovation to Japanese society and to the world, I sincerely welcome you to the program.
Professor Kaori HAYASHI, Executive Vice President, The University of Tokyo

Aquiring an international experience at the University of Tokyo

Prof. Kensuke FUJKUSHI,
Institute for Future Initiatives

The University of Tokyo has a vast network in Japan and worldwide. Many international meetings and lectures are organized on the Todai campus, inviting top-flying researchers.
You may be wondering how you can participate in such an excellent environment? My suggestion is to join GLP-GEfIL. At GLP-GEfIL, you will have opportunities to learn and discuss critical international issues through lectures by world renowned researchers and exercises by faculty members of the UTokyo who lead each research field internationally. Subsequently, you can participate in a network of UTokyo students and faculty members who actively participate in such vital issues and take the opportunity to tackle the problems. Further, you can study topics in your graduation research project (SOTSURON) or projects in graduate school, or you can engage in global activities after graduation. During your participation at GLP-GEfIL, you will gain common intellect as an international person, be aware of internationally essential issues, learn methods to solve issues, think about diversity, and understands inclusive thinking. These skills and experiences would be "wings" for tackling globally pressing problems.
Professor Kensuke FUKUSHI, GLP Director