News about GLP-GEfIL

GLP-GEfIL Exchange Meeting with Sponsor Companies was held on 28th September, 2021!

On 28th September, 2021, we held an exchange meeting between GLP-GEfIL students and Sponsor Companies.

Originally it would be a debriefing session for GEfIL Abroad Programs, but in response to the fact that almost all GEfIL Abroad Programs could not be traveled due to the spread of COVID-19 this year, the main focus was on exchanges between GEfIL students and Sponsor Companies. Prof. Kaori Hayashi, Executive Vice President, and Prof. Hiroaki Aihara, Executive Vice President, also participated in the exchange event and thanked all the Sponsor Companies.

In the presentation from the GEfIL students, Sara Tanaka, Year 4 in the Faculty of Agriculture, and Mirei Ota, Year 4 in the Faculty of Law, participated in the LSE program presented their experience.  Also students partiipated in the online program with the National Chengchi University of Taiwan planned and implemented by the GLP Office gave presentations.

After that, with the theme of 'Resilience', we set up a dialogue session between the GEfIL students and the Sponsor Companies. It seems that all the students prepared well in advance and had a lively question and answer time.

After the dialogue sessions, Ms. Miyuki Egusa, the team leader of the Social Contribution Team, Sustainability Promotion Department of Sumitomo Corporation gave us some words. Sumitomo Corporation is a UTokyo GLP Leading Partner.

We hope that all GEfIL students will be able to travel abroad safely next year!