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【Important Notice】About Guidelines of 2020 GEfIL Abroad Programs

2020 GEfIL Abroad Programs - GUIDELINES

                           FUJIWARA Kiichi,
                                           Director, GLP Office
                                            Issued on 18 March, 2020
                          Added on 13 May, 2020

Dear GEfIL Students,

We are well aware that many of you might be worried about your 2020 summer abroad studies in view of the worldwide spread of COVID-19. GLP-GEfIL places utmost emphasis on the safety and wellbeing of its students and has therefore issued the following guidelines. We ask all GEfIL students to familiarize themselves closely and carefully with these guidelines.



Due to the worldwide spread of the novel-coronavirus and resultant uncertainties concerning abroad programs, GLP-GEfIL has decided to make accommodations by way of the following measures. These measures apply to those who were preparing to go on their abroad programs, and apply for 2020 only.
The measures are as follows:

-    if a GEfIL student still wishes to go to her/his 2020 summer abroad program and their destination program is not affected by travel restrictions or cancellation, s/he will receive the GEfIL scholarship for her/his chosen and approved abroad program.

-    if GEfIL students are not longer able or willing to participate in an abroad program in 2020, GLP-GEfIL offers a range of alternative options to gain the required 2 credits for the GEfIL Abroad Program component (please see further below for details).  

For Students still planning to go to their 2020 summer abroad program:

1.    Travel Insurance: We have arranged with the insurance provider for an amended travel insurance package, which will include coverage of costs (e.g. change of or purchasing new flight ticket, cancellation private/hotel accommodation) if measures taken by Japan or the host country with regards to COVID-19 force you to discontinue your abroad program and return earlier to Japan.    Purchase of this extended travel insurance package is mandatory for all GEfIL students going on abroad programs in 2020. This extended travel insurance package does not provide coverage for non-refundable tuition fees and university accommodation. For a possible reimbursement of such costs, please see information further below.        The new package also does not include coverage of travel cancellation before departure to your abroad program. If you wish, you can purchase such a travel package with pre-departure coverage in addition to the travel insurance mandatory for GEfIL students.

2.    Cancellation and Reimbursement Policy of Host University/Institution (i.e. Terms & Conditions):  Given the current uncertainties, it is absolutely essential that you familiarize yourself with the Terms & Conditions published by the Host University/Institution for your chosen abroad program, especially the sections on cancellation and reimbursement rules and the deadlines, by which you could still cancel your participation in the program and receive a refund.

3.    Cancellation of Abroad Program by Host University/Institution: You should regularly check the website and your mailbox for any announcements of the host university/institution regarding the cancellation of their summer program.

4.    Travel Restrictions: You MUST regularly check whether Japan or the destination country of your abroad program have imposed any travel bans or travel restrictions. In Japanese, please check the website of MOFA for travel bans or restrictions of destination countries here:
For example, there are already travel restrictions in place for South Africa (c.f. students wishing to go to Cape Town summer program); you must check whether these restrictions turn into an entry-ban.
For travel warnings or restrictions issued by MOFA for European Countries, please see here (in Japanese only):
In English, please check the website of JNTO as well as country-specific info-sites:

5.    Travel or Visa Restrictions for International Students: You MUST check whether leaving Japan will affect your visa status or ability to re-enter Japan.

For Students no longer able or willing to study abroad in 2020:

1.    One option to replace your 2020 GEfIL abroad program and earn the required 2 credits is to participate in an international (summer) program organized at UTokyo, for example, one of the IARU Global Summer Courses offered by UT such as my ‘Japan in Today’s World’ intensive summer course usually held in S2 term (registration through UTAS) and a few others.

2.    The second option to replace your 2020 abroad program and earn the required 2 credits is to take a MOOC (e.g. offered by Coursera or EdX) of your interest. For this option, you must submit your choice of MOOC course to the GLP Office for approval. Once approved, you can register for your MOOC course. Upon completion of the course, you must submit the certificate to the GLP Office.

3.    If you have another year of GEfIL studies ahead of you (e.g. Phase 1 students or returning USTEP students), you also have the option to go to two abroad programs in 2021 with two respective scholarships. Please be aware, however, that there are very few abroad programs (excl. Phase 2 fieldwork) offered in the winter/spring break that do not clash with UTokyo A-semester exam schedules. Therefore, you may have to go to two programs in the summer of 2021.

4.    The fourth option (under the circumstances not recommended but possible) would be to change your current choice of abroad program to an abroad program starting later, e.g. in mid-August or September 2020. Please note, however, that you must first obtain the permission of the GLP Program Director to apply for an abroad program different from your approved choice.

Please inform the GLP Office as soon as possible, which of the above options you intend to take.

Financial Assistance from GLP-GEfIL:

GLP-GEfIL will provide financial support for the students who meet the eligibility and conditions listed as follows.
Eligible students are those who have
a)    been accepted by the host university for the GEfIL approved abroad program as recorded on LPS, and
b)    paid application or tuition fees that cannot be refunded; and/or
c)    bought flight tickets or booked and paid for accommodation that cannot be fully refunded.

Students must meet both of the following conditions 1) and 2)
1)    Travel restrictions or a travel ban are imposed by Japan or the destination country after students have been accepted and paid for a summer program and/or have bought their flight ticket.
2)    GEfIL students have made every possible effort to receive a full or partial refund on tuition and/or accommodation fees from the host university/institution; and/or a full or partial refund of airfares and private accommodation expenses either directly or through the extended travel insurance.
Students who meet these conditions can request financial assistance from GLP-GEfIL by submitting all receipts and evidence of their effort to receive partial or full refunds to the GLP Office.

Note: If you meet the above condition and have already paid the following fees, take action immediately to cancel the bookings and receive refunds.
•    Application fee, tuition fee, or accommodation fee to the host university or institution
•    Flight tickets
•    Private accommodation

Updates and Inquiries:

Students are kindly asked to closely follow the above guidelines and any updates hereafter. If you have any questions not answered by these guidelines, please contact the GLP Office.

Please refer to LPS Bulletin Board about payment procedure for Scholarship and/or financial assistance of 2020 GEfIL Aborad Program, which is posted on 13th May, 2020.