Activity with Soponsor Companies

Infomration about activities with Sopnsor Companies

The 5th Final Presentation of IRP PHASE2 was held on Saturday, May 8th!

Under the state of emergency in Tokyo, the presentation was held on Zoom online again this year. Despite the weekend, 19 representatives from 9 sponsor companies participated, and the 4th and 5th GEfIL members presented in English the research results they worked on for about 8 months. It was a long day from 9:30 to 18:00, but the time passed quickly with the full of enthusiastic presentations from PHASE2 students.

Three directors from the University of Tokyo attended and provided strong messages of support to GEfIL students, as well as of gratitude form the bottom of their hearts to all sponsor companies. On the picture from left to right, Hiroaki AIHARA, Executive Vice President (in charge of corporate planning, finance, social collaboration, industry-academia-government collaboration) Kaori HAYASHI, Executive Vice President (in charge of GLP, international, diversity) and Tatsuya OKUBO, Executive Vice President (General Affairs, Education, facilities, information).


On the day of the event, former program director Prof.Nicola Liscutin, who retired in March, also participated, and there was a moving scene where she received warm messages from the students.


When we think about it, the Dai-5-kisei were hit by pandemic of coronavirus infection just after they had started the GEfIL program, and they could not experience face-to-face classes nor GEfIL Abroad Programs on-campus. It was really disappointing, but many of the Expert Mentors praised the presentation of their research results as the most wonderful one ever. The presenters are scheduled to complete GLP-GEfIL program in January next year. We truly hope that the experience of GLP-GEfIL has helped them in their future career development.