Selection Criteria

About Recruitment of GLP-GEfIL students

First Recruitment (Closed)

Applicaition documents acceptance period : 21st Aug 2015(Fri) - 30th September 2015(Sat)

※21st Aug 2015 (Fri) - 23rd October 2015(Fri) for students who entered UTokyo in and bfore the academic year 2013 only.

Download of application documents for the first recruitment (Closed)

※(Revised on July 13th) 4 - 2. Please be aware that 6 credits or more from at least two of the three categories; 'Global Education','Foreign Languages' and 'Problem-solving and practical skill subjects'.
※(Revised on 2015/9/11) Full-time undergraduate students who entered UTokyo in and before the academic year 2013 will also be accepted.
※Information provided in Question 1 to 4 is the basis for the selection of students who are eligible for interview. Therefore, we expect applicants to use more than 70 percent of the words prescribed in each question.

※Please refer to below links when you fill in  "GEfIL Designated Course".
2014夏 2014冬 2015S 2015A
2014W (for PEAK students) 2015S(for PEAK students) 2015A(for PEAK students)
(Notes on entry)
 ・Period : please fill in one of the following -
  2014夏、 2015冬、2015S、2015A、2014W-P、2015S-P、2015A-P
 ・Code: please fill in ”Course Code”
 ・Category : please fill in ”Course Cateogry”
 ・Title : please fill in ”Course Title”
 ・Sub-Title : please fill in ”Subtitle”
 ・Credit : please fill in ”Credit”