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About GEfIL Expert Mentor Lecture Series

GEfIL Expert Mentor Lecture Series

The “GEfIL Export Mentor Lecture Series” is a compulsory course for students participating in the Independent Research Project PHASE1. (These courses replace  GEfIL IRP Complementary Coursesl.

It consists of 7-8 interactive lectures and discussion sessions given by the GEfIL Expert Mentors and Co-Mentors. The thematic fields of the Independent Research Project and the GEfIL Program as a whole are closely related to, and informed by, the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the post-2015 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Thus, the “GEfIL Export Mentor Lecture Series” is designed as an introduction to the cutting-edge research conducted by the Expert Mentors on specific SDGs and their implementation. The course provides students with close insights into how GEfIL thought-leaders tackle problems of a complex, global nature such as the SDGs. Crucially, students will gain a clear understanding of how research can and does impact practice in, for instance, international agenda setting, development of public policy or corporate strategies, or technological innovations. A further important aim of the course is to facilitate a sustained academic dialogue between GEfIL Expert Mentors and students from the very beginning of studentsʼ GEfIL studies. This will enable students to make well-informed choices when selecting their PHASE2 thematic field and strengthen studentsʼ research work in both their PHASE1 and PHASE2 classes.



Lecture Schedule for 2021-2022 (10:00~12:00 on each Saturday)

1st     4th December, 2021       Prof. Kiichi FUJIWARA
2nd    11th December, 2021     Associate Prof.Alexandros GASPARATOS
3rd     26th March, 2022          Proj.Prof. Junichi HANDA
4th     2nd April, 2022            Prof. Shunya YOSHIMI
5th     9th April, 2022               Prof. Masamine JIMBA
6th     23th April, 2022             Prof.Kensuke FUKUSHI