News about GLP-GEfIL

2022/10/01 Orientation of IRP PHASE2 and GEfIL ALUMNI GROUP AGM were held!

On Saturday, October 1st, an orientation was held for Independent Research Project PHASE2 at KOMCEE EAST K211 of the Komaba Campus. 

IRP PHASE2 for 2022-2023 consists of five thematic fields; Peace Building, Global Health, Global Education, Sustainability and Global City. 

We welcome Prof. Ai Kiharahunt for Peace Building and Prof. Masaaki Katsuno for Global Education to make a fresh start. 

Global City will once again welcome the members from Sumitomo Corporation, GLP Leading Partner, and Prof. Yoshimi and the students introduced each other in the orientation. 

The final presentation is scheduled on Saturday, 22th of April, 2023; this date is earlier than the usual year and the students may find it a bit difficult to prepare for the final presentation, but please do your best!

On the day of the event, the annual general meeting of GEfIL ALUMNI GROUP was held after the orientaion.  Please refer to here for more details of AGM.