News about GLP-GEfIL

GLP-GEfIL 2022 Summer Graduation Ceremony took place!

GLP-GEfIL Summer Graduation Ceremony took place on Wednesday, 24th August, 2022!

This year, there were two graduates who had returned from studying abroad, but one of them was unable to attend on the day of the event. Therefore, the ceremony took place with Ms. Qing Xin From PEAK section. Prof. Shunya Yoshimi, Deputy Director of GLP Office, who was in charge of GEfIL Independent Research Project PHASE2 as an Expert Mentor, attended through Zoom online. Warm messages were sent to Ms. Qing Xin from all attendees.

At the graduation ceremony, we also celebrated the retirement of Project Prof. Juniichi Handa, who has been in charge of Global Economy & Management for the GEfIL Independent Research Project for a long time.

We wish wonderful future ahead for both of them!