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【REPEAT】Information session for GLP-GEfIL 8th recruitment

GLP office will conduct Information Sessions for 8th recruitment of GLP-GEfIL students on following schedule. Please join when you are available. (target for Year 1 & Year 2 students & Year 1 PEAK students)

Registration for 8th application is available online now. (target for Year 2 students & Year 1 PEAK students)
Registration link for 8th application is available here.

Date/Time: 6/8(Wed)・6/14 (Tue)・6/17(Fri)・6/20(Mon)・6/22(Wed)・6/30(Thu)・7/4(Mon)19:00~20:15 each day
Venue: Komaba Communication Plaza, North Bldg. Komaba Campus, 2F, Tamokuteki No.2 (P204)

The GEfIL current students, as well as GLP mentors will join the sessions and communicate with you as follows.  Please take advantage of talking and asking them directly about your questions and/or any concerns!

6/8(Wed)  Yusuke KUMAKI (Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics, Year 4)
6/14(Tue) Tomoka NAKAZATO (Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Social and International Relations, Year 4)
                  BUDIONO Christian (Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Year 4)
6/17(Fri)Tian YUXIN (Faculty of Law, Legal Studies Course, Year 3)
               Koki AOKI (Faculty of Medicine, School of Medicine, Year 3)

6/20(Mon) Hirotaka OKADA (Faculty of Engineering, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Year 3)

6/22(Wed) Ryosuke HARA(Faculty of Engineering, Department of Information and Communication Engineering, Year 3)

6/30(Thu) Rin TSUBOYAMA (Faculty of Letters, Sociology, Year 3)

7/4(Mon)  Rin TSUBOYAMA (Faculty of Letters, Sociology, Year 3)

If you cannot come to Komaba campus with various reasons and want to join INFO sessions through online, please email to GLP office about your details in advance by the previous day of each session.
(email to;

We all look forward to seeing you in Information Sessions!