News about GLP-GEfIL

Ms.Kana Yokoyama, GEfIL Dai4kisei and a GEfIL Graduate was awarded 'President's Award' in AY2021!

  • GEfIL Abroad Programでフィリピン・セブ島でのボランティア活動に従事されました。
  • GEfIL実践研究PHASE2のGlobal Educationの授業にて。

Ms. Kana Yokoyama, Year 5 of Faculty of Medicine and a GEfIL graduate (Dai4kisei), was awarded the University of Tokyo President's Award in AY2021.

The award selection category this time is in the fields of extracurricular activities and social activities. Ms. Yokoyama has been engaged in a wide range of active social activities, such as the "Noguchi Essay Contest" special prize sponsored by the Noguchi Medical Research Institute and the "Student Doctor Platanus Award" sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association. Her contribution to various activities was well recognized. In the GLP-GEfIL program, she joined an internship in the area of public health in Cebu, Philippines, in her GEfIL Abroad Program.  As for GEfIL Independent Research Project PHASE2, she worked on educational issues in Cambodia under the thematic field of Global Education, and gained a wide range of experience.

We would like to congratulate Ms. Yokoyama for receiving the President's Award. Congratulations!