News about GLP-GEfIL

GLP students participated in TV program of NHK E-Tele, MC by Hikaru OTA!

GLP students participated in the recording of NHK E-Tele program, MC by Hikaru OTA!

Recording was conducted at Fukutake Hall in Hongo Campus on Tuesday, November 23rd.  More than 60 people from NHK participated and we were able to witness the process of program production.  33 students from GLP participated and dialogue with Mr. Ota was held based on the content posted on Twitter in English to #CovidGeneration#UTGLP in advance.

Visit here fror the HNH PR site announced prior to the TV broadcast.↓

The program was aired on Thursday, December 2nd on NHK E-Tele and many of the English tweets from the GLP students were introduced.  Nicely done in 25 minutes!