News about GLP-GEfIL

7th GLP-GEfIL Entrance Ceremony & Orientation took place on 27th November, 2021!

On Saturday, 27th November, we held 7th GLP-GEfIL Entrance Ceremony and Orientation at the KOMCEE Lecture Hall in the Komaba Campus.

It has been almost 20 months since the face-to-face event was held by GLP-GEfIL program. The Entrance Ceremony was held for 57 new GLP-GEfIL students.  On the day of the event, 8 foreign residents who could not enter Japan yet participated in the event through Zoom Online. 

At the Entrance Ceremony, Prof. Kaori HAYASHI, the executive vice president of UTokyo in charge of GLP-GEfIL program participated in through Zoom online and gave greeting message to the new students.  Prof. Kiichi FUJIWARA, director of GLP Office presented a GEfIL welcome pack to each student.  After the entrance ceremony, the students divided into teams and held a Team Buiding execises. 

We hope all new GLP-GEfIL students will take advantage of the chances the GEfIL program provides to you!