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【REPEAT】2021/10/29 GLP-GEfIL Lunch Session : GEfIL Dai6 kisei's will join!

GLP-GEfIL Lunch Session will be held during Go Global Week 2021!

The session will be held for YEAR1 (of April entry and PEAK). The recruitment for GLP-GEfIL program will be conducted in summer for YEAR2 students (YEAR1 for PEAK).  Before a series of information sessions for GLP-GEfIL program from April next year, the GLP-GEfIL Lunch session is to chat frankly with your senior GLP-GEfIL students.  The session will be in lunch time, so please join us with your friends!

Followings are GLP-GEfIL Dai6 kisei's who will join the session.

PATKI Mahi, Year 3, Faculty of Art and Sciences, PEAK, Envionmental Science
OCHIAI Kohei, Yeaer 3, Faculty of Science, Department of Biological Sciences
NAKAZATO Tomoka, Year 3, Faculty of Art and Sciences, Social and International Relations

Date/Time)29th October, 2021 (Friday)  12:00~12:45
   by Zoom online (Please pre-register from the following Zoom LINK) 8tHNRjdkV4YtYVfyanfq0Xrnwa

We all look forward to seeing you through Zoom!