News about GLP-GEfIL

GLP-GEfIL 2021 Summer Graduation Ceremony took place!

Celebrated two new graduates from GLP-GEfIL Program!

The two students who completed this time are Dai4kise from PEAK section and will graduate from the University of Tokyo this summer. They have also studied abroad at USTEP by the year before last, however, in the latter half of the GEfIL program, there were many restrictions due to the spread of COVID-19. We heard good story that they have enjoyed learning in depth under GLP-GEfIL program and got a job after graduation.

Under the declaration of an emergency situation where it is difficult to hold an event, we held a graduation ceremony on campus in GEfIL Learning Studio under thorough infection control measures.
The mentors/professors of the GEfIL program and officers from the GEfIL ALUMNI GROUP also attended to celebrate their completion.Prof. Fujiwara, the Director of GLP office handed over the certificate of completion to them.

Congratulations on your completion and we sincerely hope that your future lives will be fruitful ones!