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Two more sessions to go! GLP-GEfIL Information Sessions for 7th recruitment

Two more sessions to go for GLP-GEfIL Information Sessions for 7th Recruitment!
(target for Year 1 & Year 2 students & Year 1 PEAK students)
In spite of the pandemic,
Because we are in the pandemic,
Would you like to study special Global Education Initiative by the University of Tokyo?
GLP-GEfIL students (your senpai) will plan to join in the sessions, too.
Date/Time) 7/1(Thu)・7/5(Mon)   19:00~20:15 each day
Sessions will be conducted through Zoom Online.  Pre-registration is required. 
※Registration URL for each session is available as below.  Please be noted that registration is accepted only with e-mail addresses of '' domain.

7/1(Thu) FUTAMI Jumpei(Faculty of Agriculture, Dept. of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Year3)
                 KUMAKI Yusuke(Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics, Year 3)
        GEfIL Mentor : GUO Nanyan (Presentation in Japanese)
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7/5(Mon)  KISHINO Sakurako (Faculty of Medicine, School of Integrated Health Sciences)
                  MITAMURA Shun(Faculty of Engineering, Deartment of Civil Engineering course B, Year 3)
      YAMAOKA Hideaki(Faculty of Law, Department one General Legal Studies Course, Year 3)
        GEfIL Mentor : HEJCIK Pavel(Presentation in English)
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We all look forward to seeing you in Information Sessions!