News about GLP-GEfIL

【RESEND: All sessions will be by Zoom online!】GLP-GEfIL Lunch sessions for YEAR1 students

LUNCH SESSION for YEAR 1 students with GEfIL Students and ALUMNI

【posted on 2021.1.8 】
In response to the urgent declaration issued to Tokyo yesterday and the accompanying increase in the university-wide activity restriction guidelines to Level I, all of this LUNCH SESSIONS will be held online by Zoom. GEfIL OB / OG will also participate in Zoom. If you plan to participate, please pre-register from the Zoom LINK URL on each day below.  Thank you for your cooperation.


In the midst of COVID-19 spread, you may have limited opportunities to study on campus and meet friends. So why don't you come and listen to your seniors about the GLP-GEfIL program; the leaflets were distributed at the time of admission?

What's GEfIL・・・?

These lunch sessions will give you overview of GEfIL. You may take your lunch over the session.

Date/Time: 2021/1/13(Wed)、14(Thu)、15(Fri)12:20~12:50  *Zoom online only on 15th
Venue: Room 112, Bldg. No.1, Komaba Campus

(NOTE)You are also welcome to join the sessions through Zoom online!
*Hybrid session will be conducted(on campus and Zoom) on 13th and 14th
*Zoom online session only on 15th

★★Following GEfIL ALUMNI/Student will join in the sessions !! ★★
1/13(Wed)   Risa TODA (Dai2kisei ALUMNI) Faculty of Agriculture YEAR6
       Shiene KIRIYA(Dai3kisei ALUMNI) Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology M1
       Manaka HATAOKA(Dai3kisei) Faculty of Engineering YEAR4
1/14(Thu)  Sora YAMAGUCHI(Dai2kisei ALUMNI) Graduate School of Agriculture and Life Sciences M2
      Erina NISHIZAKI(Dai3kisei ALUMNI) Graduate School of Public Policy M1
      Manaka HATAOKA(Dai3kisei) Faculty of Engineering YEAR4
1/15(Fri)  Tatsuya HIROKAWA(Dai2kisei ALUMNI) Graduate School of Engineering M2
      Manaka HATAOKA(Dai3kisei) Faculty of Engineerg YEAR4

For those who want to join through Zoom online, please register from below URL. Please be noted that registration is accepted only with e-mail addresses of '' domain.

13th January, 2021

14th January, 2021

15th January, 2021

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact GLP Office.(
We all look forward to seeing you in the sessions!