News about GLP-GEfIL

Information Session for the fifth recruitment of GLP-GEfIL students

GLP-GEfIL program is designed to equip talented UTokyo students with the global competences and skills. Students who have English proficiency and strong interest to become 'change-makers' on the global stage will be admitted to GLP-GEfIL Progrmas up to 100 students each year.

GLP Office will conduct Information Sessions with following schedule.  The contents of GLP-GEfIL Program,  experience with GLP-GEfIL students, and notes on application will be explained.  You may join any session, since the contents of each session will be almost the same.

Date/Time: 4/12(Fri)4/15(Mon)4/16(Tue)6/13(Thu)6/17(Mon)6/18(Tue)6/26(Wed)6/27(Thu)7/3(Wed)7/5(Fri)  19:00~20:15 each day

Venue:Komaba Communication Plaza South 3F Lounge

Sessions are for junior Division Year 1 , Year 2 and Year 1 PEAK