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Class Infomraiton about Independent Research Project PHASE1

Please be advised that Independent Research Project PHASE1 will be conducted with following schedule;

Class 1(2018/12/08  13:00~17:00) 
Room No.6, 2F, International Academic Research Building, HONGO Campus
After a general session, groups will be devided into three and move to Room No. 513, 514, and 515, 5F.
*Please find location of International Academic Research Building  HERE 

Class 2 (2018/12/15 13:00~18:00)) 
Room No.511, Building No.5, Komaba Campus
*Please find location of Building No.5  HERE
Class 3 (2019/01/05 13:00~18:00)
Room K212, KOMCEE EAST, Komaba Campus

Class 4 (2019/02/02 13:00~18:00)
Room No.511,512,513 Building No.5, Komaba Campus