News about GLP-GEfIL

GEfIL Recruitment Kick-off Event

The first recruitment of GLP-Ⅱ(GEfIL) students will start from August 2015, prior to which 'the GEfIL Recruitment Kick-Off Event' will be taken place on Monday, 22nd June, 2015.  The professors of GEfIL will talk all about the program.

Target students are full-time undergraduate students who entered UTokyo in and after the academic year 2014, however, 1st year sutdents are also welcome to join the event.

'GEfIL Recruitment Kick-Off Event' (Presentation in English)
Date/Time June 22nd (Monday) 18:45 - 20:45
Venue 21 KOMCEE West Lecture Hall

(Moderator) Shunya YOSHIMI
・GEfIL Overview Nicola LISCUTIN
・GEfIL Program  
   -Global Leader Lecture Series Takahiro NAKAJIMA
   -Global Independent Research Project Kiichi FUJIWARA
   -Global Independent Research Project Chiho WATANABE
   -Global Independent Research Project Kensuke FUKUSHI
・GEfIL Summer Program Nicola LISCUTIN  

※Briefing Sessions will be available for those who cannot attend GEfIL Recruitment Kick-Off Event :
6/23(Tue)・6/24(Wed)・7/2(Thu)・7/3(Fri)・7/8(Wed)・7/17(Fri) 19:00~20:30  
Venue 21KOMCEE Room K-401 
(※Sessions will be available in September, as well.)