News about GLP-GEfIL

GEfIL Kick-Off Event has taken place!

The GEfIL Kick-off event has taken place on Monday 22nd, June at KOMCEE Lecture Hall.

Professor Yoshimi, Director of the Center for the Development of Global Leadership Education, conducted as moderator for the day. Professosr Liscutin, Program Director of GEfIL has explained whole picture of GEfIL; following to which Professor Nakajima, Professor Fujiwara, Professor Watanabe, and Professor Fukushi have explained more details about Global Leader Lecture Series and the GEfIL Independent Research Projects. Finally Ms. Okano, Mr. Riku, and Ms.Utagawa, who are Pre-GEfIL members from last summer, have reported their wonderful experience with GEfIL summer programs.

The GEfIL Briefing Sessions will be taken place several times from June to September for those who could not join the event. Please join us and challenge GEfIL!! The application documents will be accepted from 21st August to 30th September.