Activity with Soponsor Companies

Infomration about activities with Sopnsor Companies

2019/5/11 3rd Session of Final Presentation for IPR PHASE2 took place!

The final class of Independent Research Project PHASE2, the core part of GLP-GEfIL Program, took place as a form of research presentations and a round-table conference with sponsor companies.  There were 13 guests from 7 sponsor companies attended on the day.

All members, belonged to 5 thematic fields, presented their research in English, which has been conducted during past 9 months.

During the lunch time, which was free-standing format, GLP-GEfIL 3rd and 4th students had a free chat with the people from the sponsor companies.

As the last event of the day, there was a panel discussion.  The representative students talked about what they gained through GEfIL experience and what were the critical experiences that brought them to the changes. There were not a few questions from sponsor companies, as well, such as how to achieve SDG’s in Japan.  The representative students talked their researches and opinions rooted in real world, which they experienced through GLP-GEfIL program.

The representatives at Panel Discussion are as follows;
Reona MATSUMOTO   Peace Building   YEAR 4 Faculty of Law
Yuto URABE              Global Health    YEAR 4 Faculty of Science
Naiwen LU                Global Economy & Management  YEAR 4 Faculty of Economics
Rintaro HASEGAWA   Global Education  YEAR 4 Faculty of Engineering
Daiki NAITO              Sustainability     YEAR4 Faculty of Economics